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LoveBugs can wreak havoc on a vehicle’s paint job. Their bodies are actually acidic when squashed. It is proven that if the bug remains are left on a paint job, within 48 hours it WILL make pits in your car’s finish. Think of this if you are planning on selling or trading your car, the value will be less. The only way to help is to remove their remains as soon as possible. Our wipes not only help in the removal of LoveBugs, but they leave a protective coat that helps keep the new bugs from sticking. LoveBug Wipes can be used on the windshield, hood, bumper or all over the car! They will be wet coming out of the canister and will leave a protective coat to help bug removal easier next time. Remember, to get that great shine, either use a dry towel to buff or simply let the LoveBug Wipe towel dry slightly in the sun and use it to buff. It’s really simple!



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