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Love Bug Damage

The damage that lovebugs cause can be very expensive for any vehicle. Lovebugs are not like other insects, their bodies are actually acidic upon their demise.

Normal bugs will splatter upon impact and, at your leisure, can be removed with a normal car wash.

But not lovebugs. Believe it or not, if lovebugs are not removed within the first 24-48 hours, the acidity from these annoying little pests will pit your car’s finish! It will eat through the clear coat directly to your paint job and if not removed early, once you try and remove them, a small portion of your paint goes with it and thus leaving a pit.

Shown above are pictures of a truck completely covered with lovebugs, this is normal for all vehicles during their flying time. Imagine how this hood might look if these were to remain there long enough to do their damage?

There are speculations that lovebugs are attracted to “white” or lighter colored vehicles, which makes the pits in a paint job all the more visible.

LoveBug Cleaner & Wipes are designed to help in the removal of their acidic bodies and the protection of your clearcoat/paint job. We want to protect and shine your vehicle as much as you do

For more information on lovebugs: http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/MG068

“It works! It really works! Easy to wipe on. I didn’t have to scrub hard. I wiped the bugs off, threw the wipe away and buffed the front of my SUV to a shine. Love it!