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So, where did lovebugs come from? Are they the result of a University of Florida experiment gone awry? The real answer is no.<br /> The truth is, the history of lovebugs is not as colorful as one might hope. They were native to Central America and migrated up through Texas to all Southeastern states bordering the Gulf of Mexico and eventually virtually all of Florida. Despite their name, lovebugs are not bugs at all. They are actually flies! These fly-like pests are attached in pairs - hence the ``Love``. Lovebug flight usually occurs twice a year, once in April/May and again in August/September. Southern Louisiana experienced flights of lovebugs during the 1920's and their first presence in Florida were made in 1947. Lovebugs have moved northward and been reported up to both South and North Carolina. They are also known as ``March Fly, Honeymoon Fly, Telephone Bug, KissyBug and Double Headed Bug.

The problem with lovebugs:

Although lovebugs are harmless to humans, they pose a threat to our automobiles. Because they congregate in large numbers near highways and interstates, lovebugs commonly cover the car’s windshield, hood, grill, and front bumper of any vehicle traveling. Order your LoveBug Cleaner and LoveBug Wipes today, and one for someone else you care about and ``End the love affair between lovebugs and your car``.

How to use


How to use!

LoveBug Cleaner and Wipes are unique because they are so simple to use. Keep them in your car and after a “run in” with lovebug’s, quickly remove them with the spray or use the wipes and just throw the wipe away. When using, if you do see a haze, just let the towel air dry for a minute and then use it to “buff” the haze out, leaving a beautiful, protective shine. LoveBug Cleaner & LoveBug Wipes are safe to use on all painted surfaces including the bumpers. You can also use them on the windshield, as a matter of fact, once used on the windshield, you will notice how rain simply runs off, that's the protective coat working. LoveBug Cleaner & LoveBug Wipes were designed with your vehicles clearcoat and paint job in mind.

How to use!

There are rumors stating that it is ok and even better to use a fabric softner sheet, that's not true. Fabric softner sheets are generally made from a nonwoven fabric substrate, usually polyester fibers(plastic). If you rub hard enough and long enough, then the plastic fibers in a fabric sheet will "rub" through your clearcoat because everytime you use it, it puts tiny scratches in the clearcoat. You wouldn't use a plastic scrub pad would you? If you do use a fabric softner sheet and your vehicle is dark in color, then you will begin to notice a slight haze on your hood, these are actually scratches from the clearcoat being rubbed off! LoveBug Wipe towels are made of cotton, the same material used at professional vehicle detailing shops.

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